Are You Ready To Avoid Failure In Internet Marketing….. Want Secret To Fast Success Online?

How To Avoid Failure In Internet Marketing To Fast Success Online

Ever wonder how you see some marketers seem to go jumping from one business to another and they’re always still able to make a killing in just a short couple of weeks/months? Thus how can you avoid Avoid Failure In Internet Marketing?

You usually see them online go from building email lists to selling t-shirts, amazon stuff, promoting MLM programs to then doing CPA’s (or whatever’s next).

Sometimes, some of them even have zero skills and zero startup cash to begin with yet still go on to building a huge empire with multiple income streams.

Whatever they touch always seem to turn into gold, while majority of people struggle to even make a single venture work regardless of how hard (they say) they “try”.

The huge difference is in the “MINDSET”. What goes on in your head while you run your business. Yep, the INVISIBLE stuff!


You can have all the startup money in the world, the hottest traffic source or whatever and still not make a single penny online if your mindset isn’t right.

Or you might see some success but it wouldn’t be consistent and you’ll easily find ways to screw things up like a lottery winner who goes from $0 to instant millionaire status overnight to $100k in DEBT in just a few short years.

I saw a Facebook post today from a well-known internet marketer and the post is on point, “if a person has a $30,000 mindset and you give them a million dollar business…..they’ll take the million dollar business and go make $30,000 with it.”


To be honest, I myself, was a non-believer at this “rah-rah” self-improvement stuff when I got started online, I used to think that if you want to be successful at any business, you simply just have to work your ass off day in and day out, copy/improve what other successful people in your market are doing… and in no time, you’ll be sipping margaritas in the Bahamas.

Of course, those stuff work and there’s no doubt about it, but there’s more to it than that…

After going through a lot of Les Brown, T. Harv Eker, Bob Proctor, etc. books and audios myself, reading and listening to a lot of self-improvement stuff almost daily (though I miss some days)…

I looked back at my own online journey from 2008-2011 (my failing years), and I noticed some specific characteristics that I somehow possessed during the time I was getting started that I NOW honestly think became the huge game-changer for me and why i was able to get to this point.


I noticed the same pattern in other successful marketers and coaching students as well that I know and speak with on a regular basis.

Some students fail while some students go on and make a killing within just a few weeks. The students who succeed fast are usually the ones that has the same type of characteristics.


TOP 5 characteristics of successful people in any industry

So without further ado, I want to share with you what I think are the TOP 5 characteristics of successful people in any industry (in no order). And if you’re just starting out building your online business, I’m sure you will get a lot of benefit from this post.

1. Successful people are very CONSISTENT and FOCUSED.

They decide to do one thing… and you better believe that’s the only single thing they would work and focus on until they succeed.

They don’t say, “ok, I’ve tried that for 3 days and it didn’t work for me, so the system doesn’t work”. They don’t play around.

And they don’t get easily pulled onto many different directions regardless of what’s the hottest money-making method (e-course) that’s buzzing in the marketplace at the moment.

2. Successful people are BIG RISK-TAKERS.

These are the type of people that when presented with a great opportunity, don’t go and ask their wives permission if they should go for it. They make big decisions fast and with 100% dedication.

They don’t operate on a scarcity mindset.

They ain’t scared in losing a couple hundred/thousand bucks to test, tweak, refine a marketing campaign because they know it’s just a matter of time before they can make it work. And when it does, every single lost penny from testing lots of unknown shit would all be worth it.

This is a biggie as I know a lot of beginner to novice marketers are afraid of losing money from investing into traffic, coaching or whatever it is that can elevate their business to the next level at a much faster pace.

3. Successful people are RESOURCEFUL.

Need to know how to paste an autoresponder form code in your lead capture page? They don’t call their mentors at 2 AM to ask them how to do that. They’re good problem solvers. They’re SELF-RELIANT. They Google, contact support, look for video tutorials, or use whatever resources are right in front of them to solve simple problems instead of waiting for hours on end until their mentors are finally able to pick up the phone.

4. Successful people TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.

They don’t say, “SOMEDAY, I’m gonna do this and I’ll be this”. They actually make things happen. They’re not afraid of the HUSTLE.

While some people prefer to party on a Friday night with $10 in their pockets to buy one drink that will last for the night (although that’s cool and there’s nothing wrong with that), they’re somewhere out there with their computers in the middle of the night building their dreams one brick at a time, because their dreams, for them, are much more important than instant gratification.

Their DESIRE to succeed is stronger than anything else. They’re HUNGRY like that.

In fact, the most successful people in the industry have what’s called “The 24-Hour Rule”. It is when you take action on a new idea within 24 hours of having them.


5. Successful people are OPTIMISTIC.

They always view things from a positive angle. See, a LOT of the decisions we make in our everyday situations are hugely affected by our own personal programming.

If a person has $1,000 to spend on traffic, most people with broke mindset will go for the cheapest clicks that they can find thinking it can get them guaranteed and more visitors for the same amount than if they were to spend it on proven-to-work traffic sources like Facebook or Google…

Or they might also spend $100 on a FB ad campaign… first couple of tries don’t work, they move on to a different traffic source and spread themselves too thin with their efforts.

All of these things happen because they operate based on FEAR of losing/failing. They tend to view things from a negative perspective from the get-go.

They ask questions like, “What if this doesn’t work? What if I lose money? What if the CPA network doesn’t pay me?”, instead of saying, “How can I make this work? What tweaks can I do to improve my results? If they can do it, so can I… it’s just a matter of time”.

Remember, the quality of our THOUGHTS affects our EMOTIONS, which affects our DECISION-MAKING which affects the kind of results that we get and see not just in our businesses, but in our everyday lives as well.

Now, I’m really a big believer that mindset always has been the same success factor for me, and other successful people.

1. My mindset led me to believe and have faith in what I do.

2. My mindset was what made me decide to quit my previous day job to go and start an online business.

3. My mindset was what kept me from quitting the business in the beginning even after years of failure.

4. My mindset was what made me have absolute certainty that everything’s going to work
well for me in the end.

5. My mindset is what enables me to go start a new business venture and see positive results within

Bottom line, mindset IS and ALWAYS has been the key to unlocking huge windfalls of cash from your business.

There’s no magic bullet for Fast Success Online. If you want big results in your business, you need to start by fixing your mindset by reading/listening to positive audios/books at least 30 minutes per day.

1. Stop watching TV.

2. Stop filling your head with garbage from news, fake friends, gossipers, etc.

3. This might sound a little cliche, but I believe it’s true…

Once you have the right mindset, that mindset will lead you to the right people, the right connections, the right network, right opportunity, right timing that will connect the dots for you and help you get to success much faster.


5 Reasons Why Most Internet Marketers Fail

But from my own experiences I have drawn some general conclusions about Internet marketing and why some people succeed while most people fail. So here in my honest opinion, are some of the main reasons why many online marketers fail:

1. Overwhelmed With InfHow To Avoid Failure In Internet Marketing To Fast Success Onlineormation
Perhaps, one of the biggest obstacles I faced when I first started my website – I was bombarded with so much information on how to proceed I didn’t have a clue which direction to take or who to believe. Thousands of different info products telling you to do this, not to do that… so much marketing information to absorb that you end up scratching your head and looking like someone auditioning for a zombie movie.

Completely overwhelmed with so much information, many marketers or webmasters enter a state of paralysis where nothing gets done. You go from one course to another or from one method to another, without any real understanding of how to proceed or how to get a detailed blueprint to follow.


Information overflow can effectively crush all that novice enthusiasm and literally kill even the most eager of entrepreneurs. Anyone starting out must be aware of this obvious but insidious pitfall you have to avoid at all costs. One of the best remedies, simply try concentrating on just one or two marketing plans/marketers for all your information. Try to eliminate the clutter by just working on one marketing system. Just have a few key marketing resources you go to for information, not a hundred! And do your homework, only pick marketers who can back up their claims with observable results on the web. One obvious checkmark – just see if those marketers have top rankings for their sites for popular profitable keywords associated with their sites or products.


2. Lack Of Key Marketing Basics

There are some key marketing basics or fundamentals you must learn about marketing online. Internet marketing has some key elements you must get right or you will have a difficult task in succeeding on the web. Just simple factors you must get right or it’s game over before you even get started.

Most marketers fail to realize the web is “information driven” and you must supply quality information or content in order to truly succeed. You must provide a valuable service or function to your visitors. You must help solve their problem. You must give them a solid reason to use your site or product. Quality content is and always will be King on the web.



You must also understand much of the web is “keyword driven” and you must construct your webpages to take full advantage of these keywords. You must have at least a rudimentary understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how you can use it to get top rankings for your keyword phrases.

3. Lack Of Time And Resources

Another major reason why many marketers fail is because they simply can’t afford the time to learn and build their online business. Most people just can’t stop everything and work full time online because they have bills to pay and families to support. It may take months, probably years, before you can build up a successful online business that gives you a comfortable living. The average person just doesn’t have the time or the resources to spend months learning how all this works.

Keep in mind, getting a business or website going is probably the most inexpensive way to start your own business. Domains are cheap. Web hosting is cheap. Web design is cheap if you can do it yourself… Compared to starting a business in the “real” world, creating an online business will only cost a faction of the normal expenses connected with starting a business. But the main problem is having the resources to pay your living expenses until your online business is profitable. Many beginning online marketers don’t have these resources and the main complaint from these marketers: “I Simply can’t afford the time to work at this online stuff.”

One solution is to work at your online marketing in your spare time and gradually build up your business until you can afford to do it full time. It will obviously take longer but you can still get to the same end goal.

4. Lack Of Necessary Skills

Actually, you don’t need many skills to succeed online. However, one of the major skills you must have or you must learn is communication. You must learn how to communicate. The web is all about communicating your points to your visitors or viewers so you must acquire good communication skills.

It really helps your marketing if you are a good writer because you can easily get your points across with written text or copy on your site. Writing skills can be learned but many beginning marketers don’t fully understand how important their writing skills will be to their success. You must be able to communicate on your site, in your newsletters, with your customers… might sound a bit obvious but you would be surprised at how many marketers lack this simple, yet necessary skill.

But don’t fret, because once upon a time, the written word was king online – but not any more. Videos are rapidly taking the place of the printed word so anyone with a camera can now be a success online. Of course, you still need good communication skills even using videos, but many marketers have found this is a much easier way to communicate information about their site or product.

5. Lack Of Persistence

For me, one the most significant reasons most online marketers/webmasters fail, is because of a lack of persistence. They simply give up too soon. They try something for a few weeks, even for a few months and then they conclude this is not working and they give up.

Building a solid online business or viable website takes time, a lot of time. Just because your business is online, doesn’t mean everything will fall into place overnight, it takes time to establish a customer base. It takes time to build your business relationships with others in your field.

Sometimes, it may take years before you see some solid returns. It was three years before I saw any significant revenue coming from my online ventures, and another year before I could summon enough courage to do this online marketing full time. If I had given up and not persisted at this web stuff, I would not be writing this article right now.

Hope this help and INSPIRE some beginners out there that are just getting started with their online businesses.

You DON’T have to be a guru to be successful online. All you need is the correct mindset, a strategy and the HUNGRY DESIRE to succeed that will enable you Avoid Failure In Internet Marketing but earn you Fast Success Online.

Providing you are already hungry enough… do the mindset thing first and everything else will come for fast Fast Success Online!

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How To Avoid Failure In Internet Marketing To Fast Success Online